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Dan, or Doc Dan; I’m a" coach". I grew up in a small town on a family farm. I was blessed with a very large family; I’m the oldest of 8 boys. On the farm were cousins also. There were about 14 wonderful people to grow with. I learned so much about how people function and life on the farm. My family behaved with a special kind of love, it was our love, I feel it is the best kind of love.

"We are exceptional souls we "Human Beings", capable of performing outstanding feats, and sometimes            miracles."

I'm your coach, my goal is: "To keep your Lifestyle/Wellness in tip top shape". We, together, will utilize a personalized Lifestyle/Wellness coaching plan explicitly for you with results that are second to none. Using a mixture of very effective Western and Eastern methods your best will be our goal. This website will present ways we can do this. Lifestyle/Wellness encompasses a variety of factors, our “Holistic Personalized Lifestyle/Wellness Coaching” plans may utilize:

About Me

I’ve had many life eventsin my "living life experience" you could say; "“been there, done that". Just like you, I’ve had my share of up’s and down’s, and many dreams that didn’t make it and fell by the way side. I’ve had plenty of successes too. So, don’t get me wrong, I’ve had an incredible life experience.

As a student of life, and the universe, I like to say that I will always be learning about this “living life experience”. I’ve always said, “I am amazed at how much I know I don’t know”; especially about life and the universe.

Growing up was full of happenings on the farm. The good ones were cherished for their good; the bad ones were actually some of the best learning experiences for me.

 My life changed when I experienced an auto accident in 1968. My back was broken and I was told I might never walk again. I also died in the accident and had the profoundest of experiences.

I had been married to my first wife for two weeks; our dreams were torn apart in the tragedy. Everything was pretty disturbing; I was 19 years old at the time.

What followed for me was an education in deep depression. I didn’t know what to believe or feel; maybe you can relate. For the next 9 years I lost myself in drugs, alcohol, and one wild lifestyle of self destruction. I neglected my wants, stopped taking care of myself and the dreams I had.

I began to come out of my self inflicted nightmare when I moved to Ohio and lived with the best lifestyle/wellness coach in the world. He had a second grade education, couldn’t read or write and thought of himself as stupid. Lifestyle/wellness coaching wasn’t a field as it is now, but he was the best, and wisest, the most influential person for me. He simply never gave up on me as I did.

My first lesson from him was “Like it or not, you are the only one responsible for you”. The second was “How you think is how your life will be”. I began to change directions again, and the path was uplifting, positive, and productive.

After hard work I began to feel a rising joy, life was beginning to flow. It was all happening as I freed my mind of self imposed limitations and hurts. I began to see that the whole attitude to “Personal Development” is an approach of living inside out, while looking inside and persevering in finding “The True You”.

It was like waking up from a horrible nightmare and realizing my own essence and what I could accomplish in life. I began planning for the best and preparing for the worst both at the same time. I was managing and envisioning the true me and what I could do in life.

True fulfillment in life is only experienced by finding our true essence and passion for life. Realizing the importance of living with a purpose and living authentically; life was rebooting in me and my life. I was placing demands on myself, the fist being to walk as a healthy person.

I wasn’t in therapy or counseling, there were no clinicians, doctors, or others, just myself and my coach. We were increasing my desire to grow and a willingness to believe. It was like awakening from the limited beliefs to unlimited visions of better in all aspects of life.

I began creating goals on both personal and inter-personal levels. There seemed no end to the energy. Working with other people, I was finding true leadership abilities; inspiration was flowing from every part of me.

I had always believed that beyond the yearning for success and affluence there is something about us all that is spiritual in definition; I was on the search again.

I wanted to be happier, I wanted more stability, I just wanted more. Does this sound familiar to you? I am still learning about life, (It’s actually a never ending class), and what a journey I have had so far, how about you?

I’ve always had a fascination of the creative power we people have. That power, or force, has offered me many experiences. I feel life is the most exciting, challenging event anyone will ever have, and it's such a RUSH, "being".

As for my experience, I am a musician and songwriter, a poet and writer. I am an artist and photographer, (I still freelance). I have operated heavy equipment, worked sales, Been Dean of Alternative Medicine, (at the now defunct International Academy), and been a substance abuse therapist. Even worked at GM, drove truck, and have owned my own practice since 1983. I'm also an old biker, like the wind in my face. Done more but don’t have the space here to mention everything.

I studied hard, (through distant learning schools), and have degrees, A Doctorate in Naturopathy, Phd in Psychology, and Masters in Nutrition. I’m an ordained minister and more a Unitarian Deist, I was raised to be a Shaman, and enjoy public speaking; and will be pod-casting  very soon.

I was thinking one day, “Where do I grow now?” The answer was simple, “Put it all together and follow my passion. I realized my best education was my life experience, I could help a lot of people by contributing to the value of others, we could work together to do things better. And that is what I did, but didn’t realize that I was actually coaching others. I was introducing myself to "Lifestyle/Wellness" coaching a long time ago.

Learning not to dwell on the wounds from life, I developed understanding that has helped me, and others, to thrive and grow. Moving out of my overly negative habits and ways of thinking; life has changed; becoming exciting as I took life’s challenge. Connecting as I never had before; my greatest passion became helping others, motivating them, and helping them to understand the personal power we create by taking life's challenge.

Everything continued to come together, and I have developed a practical, rational way to help others tap into their personal creativity and build a prosperous life and profession, a win, win that is best.

My passion and true calling in life is coaching.

Coaching is a good fit for me also as I assist individuals, professionals, and businesses. I offer lifestyle/wellness coaching to creative, capable, courageous, often sensitive people who are ready to create lives of vibrant color full of their imagination, helping them expand their horizons of possibility with a style that is both playful and serious.

I help them find the essence of their passion in life as my coach did with me. My goal is the best, most prosperous version of yourself you can be.

I know from those I have coached and myself, that you can reconnect, start over, and find true fulfillment in your life. The first step in your journey of self discovery is to reach out.

Doc Dan

My pursuit for meaning started early in life, I was just a young boy, growing and struggling with my childhood insecurities. I would often find myself thinking, “So, who am I”? Even today I find myself asking the same question at times, I think we all do.