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Do you completely accept yourself, understand and know yourself? What is your objective in life; what is the purpose of life? Are you truly happy with you? Knowing one’s self involves one accepting everything about one’s self; both good and bad. John 8:32 of the Christian Bible says “know the truth and the truth shall make you free”. This is especially true about self-acceptance. Truth is that until one can completely accept themselves they will never understand anyone or anything about life; especially themselves. Truth is, “self-awareness” is the beginning of awareness and transformation.

The real world rests on a bedrock of truth; yet so many of we "Human animals" find the untruth more convincing. Untruth, or lies, for the most part, actually are nonexistent until fear of the lie drives us to living it.

Ever hit your finger with a hammer, it hurts; that’s painful real life truth. Ever become one with another life and feel the love inside the heart burst into joyous feelings for simply being? This too is a real life truth.

A question now arises; which shall one choose to live with, truth or untruth, pleasure or pain, LOVE or FEAR. It’s the responsibility of each of us to choose for ourselves, which we will know as our personal “living life experience”.

By choosing, we, as individual’s, or family, or as a society create daily, the world we live in.

Confusing; it need not be. It could be said this way, "LOVE your brother as you would LOVE yourself”, or “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you". Or, “The highest excellence is like that of water. The excellence of water appears in its benefiting all things, and in its occupying, without striving to the contrary the low place men dislike.” Or, “Repel evil with that which is best, we are well acquainted with the things they say.” Or, “Everything is loved not for its own sake, but because self-lives within it.”

Such simple truth seems lost in today's poisoned world. There are three great poisons, GREED, HATRED, and IGNORANCE, they are the greatest lies of FEAR. Think about it and live "The Way" that would set yourself and the world free of all the untruths of a material world.

"Truth or lie, Live or die". Which do you choose, to die both physically and spiritually with the poisons of untruth, or to live with the truth? Think about it…

Just a thought…


I realized that nothing happens by chance, there is a purpose to everything that happens. We are the cause of everything that happens in our life. I know that occurrences in one’s life, whether they be spiritual mental or physical can cause great pains and strife as well as joy and pleasure. The man named Jesus knew the same.

When considering myself I find that my mental level becomes careless about the traffic within me; in my relationships to others and myself. On the spiritual level I have found that I also become careless about the traffic around me by not being aware of my decisions, reacting rather than acting. I often don’t pay attention to myself; the universe sends me signals many times, I just forget to look.

We simply are the cause of everything that happens in our life; truth is that, “like begets like”, in other words “as you sow so shall you reap”. Our life is our responsibility, and because of that everything that we think has the potential of becoming our life.

Thoughts create desires, thoughts create purpose, and thoughts create our goals and aims. Through the power of thought we set into motion basic principles and factors; we simply become the cause of everything in our life.

The great and enlightened teachers such as Jesus, and Buddha, and so many more, understood this. They, in essence were very aware of their thoughts, words, and actions. Such great teachers were simply conscious of their “living life experience”, and knew that we all had the same abilities within us.

Are you aware; your awakening is at hand, the best life you could know is how you think about life! The responsibility is yours always, not God’s, or the creator of the universe; not the government, corporate monopolies, not religion, or religious leaders, it is simply all up to you. So, how will your life be today?

Just a thought,

According old Hindu and Native American teaching there was a time when all mankind were gods; but they so abused their divinity that the Creator, God, decided to take it away and hide it. Where to hide it became the big question.

It was suggested that mankind’s spirituality be hid deep in the earth, deep in the ocean, on top of the highest mountain, and far off in the sky. All suggestions were considered by the Creator who felt that mankind would

find its divinity from all the places mentioned. The Creator said,” here is what we will do with man’s spirituality. We will hide it deep down in man himself, he will never think to look for it there.”

Since then mankind has been searching for something that is already deep within. A man named Jesus found and shared its secrets; but in the movement that sprang up in his name, the divinity in man has been the best kept secret of the ages. Most of us have lost touch with our godly nature and are only vaguely aware of a relationship with our Creator.

We are one of creation’s grand experiments, everything in life is the experience spirit craves. As part of the experiment, we come to this earth, to a physical “living life experience”. Becoming enamored with the material things of life, our mortal soul becomes a part of materialism.

Are we truly children of God, or, are we gods in the making? I don’t ask this in an attempt to make any of mankind the “Creator, or God”. In the Bible when questioned Jesus said,” are we not gods in the making”. To begin living as god’s or goddesses one gives up nothing except pain and sorrow, struggle and fear. We move our limits from not knowing, not being aware, to the potential for knowing and complete awareness – to peace and joy, abundance and fulfilling relationships and happiness. This truly is the highest road of life; an ultimate transformation. It is one’s choice to do this and is possible for anyone.

As any human child is a man or woman in the making, we to, are gods and goddesses in the making. Our purpose, our reason for being here, is to become, not, “the God”, but a goddess or a god,and to become one with God the creator of all eventually. It’s for this reason that worshiping God is not as important as serving God. Whatever mankind does it would be better to be godlike in what we do, what we think, and what we speak.

We change our vibrations by the way that we think, by the words that we speak, by the actions that we take. When we move in to our physical bodies we become so much more involved with material things. It’s often hard to keep in touch with both living life and our spiritual truth. We also have an individual purpose in life, an experience to learn from by our own free will and choice.
“To become a goddess or a god” – can also be stated in many other ways: God realization, cosmic consciousness, oneness, Christ consciousness, or Samadhi. One search may take many forms with the outcome being the same no matter how one names it as there is only one God, one creator, one source.

Our use of our free will and choice, has separated ourselves from both ourselves and our creator by putting other things first in our lives. We have become earthbound mortal souls encased in physical bodies.

We lost our awareness of our godlike nature. It still exists, but we have very poor “reception” in communicating with it – similar to a poorly tuned radio. As mankind becomes more aware of our “connection” our communication with Spirit improves. Following its guidance, we will find our lives more fulfilling, more satisfying, more meaningful, and worthwhile. We cannot accomplish this when we poison ourselves with greed hatred and ignorance. Beginning to live life as god’s or goddess’s, we achieve greater awareness with the divine that we are. This is life’s purpose; it’s mankind’s purpose.

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Truth is simple, look at the natural laws and universal laws. They are very simple statements of truth, yet they are the foundation stones of life.

For many years I had doubts that Jesus was any more than a fictional character. I began to read portions of the Bible related to his life. I found that his answers to his adversary’s tricky questions were so simple, so wise, so direct, and so complete that I realized he had a consciousness more profound than any individual I have ever known. Now I realize that he was a living person and his answers were based on the fundamental truths of natural and universal laws and on his relationship with the creator.

Thinking men and women are beginning to awaken to the fact that” there are more things in heaven and earth then are dreamed of in their philosophies.” Religious writings such as the Bible, the Koran, and even the Jewish Kabbalah I feel have been more misconstrued than any books that have been written defining and describing the role of man, the world, and spirit. Through the teaching of the fanatics and the sectarians knowledge has been repressed more than expressed. It has been through bigoted, controlling enthusiasts whose fear mongering retro has created the religious mania and depression the world knows today. By repressing knowledge throughout history mankind has lived with a poor foundation, one that has inflamed the minds of the world. The result is what we see today, for the battle between good and evil, God and the devil, is truly a battle of simply free will and choice of each of us.

I don’t write this book to destroy the truth of a loving creator, rather, I write this book to expose what mankind seems hell-bent to destroy this home we call Earth, and everything living on it for nothing but greed. I am not opposed to the Hebrew faith, the Christian faith, the Muslim faith, the Hindu faith, or any other belief that we human beings have created concerning the creator of all. In fact, I embrace all beliefs; I suggest that they have been corrupted by a human ego.

We are at a crossroad in mankind’s existence, one that will either enslave the many to the few, or free humanity as was the original idea of a creator who loves unconditionally all that has been created. The awakening that is at hand for mankind and truly can go either way. If we choose to follow the leaders we may find mankind’s short reign upon this planet the shorter than mankind would like. It is time to wake up and not just” smell the coffee”, but to brew a better pot.

Like strangers in an unfamiliar country mankind has continually walked over the treasure buried deep within. We have been put in a deep sleep as most of us steer our lives in wrong directions. Self-awareness becomes a bridge between this world and a real world that is waiting. Day and night will not cross this bridge, old age and death will never see the bridge. It is only the “self” while living this ”living life experience” that can cross the bridge, it will take opening up the eyes, touching the truth, speaking of peace and love, hearing the good that is within all of us, and tasting the freedom that is offered simply by “AWAKENING”. Our nightmares and dreams are only real as long as one stays asleep. Awakening to the power of “self” stops the nightmare as the dream becomes the “AWAKENING”.

All life is divine; human life has been given the gift of creating our reality. Among the Vedic mantras there is one that has sustained millions of aspirants: “Lead me from the unreal to the real, lead me from darkness to light, lead me from death to immortality.” The teachings of the Upanishads tells us that everything created is from the same source, that all life is one, that what we see in everything is a reflection of our self. It would be good to wake up to this truth: “that all life is holy, and created with love”. It would be good for mankind to wake up. That is what “AWAKENING” is all about.

Mankind has become lost in fears of untruths, lies; while we long to experience and live the truth.

The reality of life has been confused with so much untruth it’s hard to accept the truth. Yet the truth; which has been stated in so many ways, by so many who become aware, will, in the end be the victor as it requires nothing but the truth to stand on. Truth can never be destroyed while untruth destroys itself.