Some things we can work through without help, while others involve some form of assistance. Our commitment to your success in your personal, professional, or spiritual Lifestyle/Wellness is obvious in the amount of time we spend to recognize each student/client’s unique Lifestyle/Wellness needs; and our unwavering dedication to restoring the quality of life and sense well being." We will be there and always will:

 “Riding the elephant, driving the elephant” is a workshop for anyone wishing to develop a better lifestyle and wellness.

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"NuWants  plans are useful when creating positive growth. Dan is a winning coach. The well-being and cost effectiveness of our personalized plans has been clearly demonstrated. Situations and conditions can be remedied with our natural approach. Individuals involved in lifestyle/wellness plans have demonstrated a 43% decline in costs to both individuals and businesses."

Self Help CD's and Open Talk lecture Packages

Business/Professional Coaching

The aim of Spiritual/Metaphysical coaching is to align your inner spiritual life with your outer life.  It helps to clear away mental, emotional and physical clutter so you can hear the messages from within.  It also helps you discover your purpose so you can design a life that supports that mission.

Spiritual/Metaphysical coaching is not therapy. It's also different than life or wellness coaching, which usually focuses on the attainment of a goal through motivation or inspiration; its primary aim is to clear away inner debris, so you can discover your own inner wisdom.

                                              You will:

  • Identify what you want to change
  • Set goals to do so
  • And break the goals down to manageable steps
  • Be held accountable.

You can aim, at encouraging and maintaining the highest degree of physical, emotional/mental, and spiritual well being. NuWants, as me, feel that lifestyle is wellness and wellness is lifestyle, they simply work together to create not only the healthiest individual, but also the best, most productive social and occupational conditions to live and work in.

"Your best life is closer than you think with ancient wisdom and modern truth..."

NuWants coaching plans also are good for any business. They can help drive up sales, boost employee creativity, work place satisfaction, bottom line results, and much more. According to a Manchester Consulting Group study of Fortune 100 companies, The Economic Times reports, “coaching resulted in a ROI of almost 6 times the program cost and 77% improvement in relationships, 67% improvement in teamwork, 61% improvement in job satisfaction, and 48% improvement in quality”. Bottom line, coaching is an investment that produces positive results, greater rewards than the cost. In fact companies that invest $1.00 in Lifestyle/Wellness plans, (personalized coaching, workshops, classes, and seminars), earn a return of 3to1, or $3.00. Decreased turnover; fewer sick days, are also benefits of Lifestyle/Wellness coaching.

Learning to listen, learning to focus, finding answers, managing stress, overcoming and coping. The “Human Condition” is complex, often overwhelming. Meditation is a practice of being present, the most practical effort a human being can make. We all make sincere attempts to change, yet as the lower you has no unity of self the results are often disappointing. Who am I, why am I, what am I, how am I, are questions often asked by ourselves. The answers are within; the personal “huan state” often develops more complexities for the “Human Condition”. Moving forward, understanding, accepting often requires getting in touch with self. Answers too many life events, situations, and conditions can be found when we allow ourselves to journey to the center of the mind. God becomes a healing power when we meditate. There is no desire beyond reach, as there is no secret longing that is unattainable.

 Do you go for the win, do you feel like a winner, do you stand up for yourself? Most people allow fear to get in the way their desired success in life. Are you a dreamer, do you have visions of success for your life? Winners are dreamers. This talk opens a door to the bold life of a winner. Be the winner he will always have dreamt of, find your dream.

NuWants plan will:

  • Incorporate healthy habits in your life
  • Mentally and physically prepare you for the change you want in life
  • Develop incentive to continue making healthy choices for your life, all on your own
  • Gain clarity about your personal values
  • Live successfully by your values
  • Grow in self-worth and confidence
  • Become the best you can be in body, mind, and spirit
  • Promote personal responsibility
  • Encourage self discovery and self efficacy
  • Deep thinking

                                                        the stages of change.  I will assist you in discovering your passions, strengths, dreams, desires, and values with the intention of a vision of your best self. Nuwants helps you design a path to achieve outcomes aligned with that vision.

               Positive Motivation

"A workshop for all who dream of life and work that will express their personal creative abilities..."

Dependency/Addiction Coaching

DISCOVER how to:

Assess and develop your self-esteem...

Tune into your exclusive universe of unique talents...

Get rid of your old system of “should’s”...

Handle your “RESISTANCE”...

Liberate yourself from the unfulfilling lifestyle and job...

Overcome and identify your FEARS for the best you are...

I am qualified to become your Coach because, I’ve been there myself. I know what it’s like to feel stuck, even feel like you are a SLAVE to a health habit you don’t like. I know what it’s like to feel like you may never be able to break free of a bad health habit because you’ve tried a thousand times, but it keeps resurfacing.   I also know what it’s like to be FREE of enslaving bad health habits that make you feel bad, even ashamed. Change doesn't depend on luck or willpower; It's a process that can be successfully managed once it's understood. NuWants Addiction/Dependency coaching is designed to include the stages of change, NuWants and I will assist you in discovering your passions, strengths, dreams, desires, and values with the intention of a vision of your best self.

Ever think of the creative genius that you truly are? Most of the answers for your problems in life live within your own mind. Most of the problems and situations we find ourselves in good or bad begin in our minds also. Your subconscious mind is the biggest part of you mentally and emotionally. Sailing through our mind, getting to the destination we choose in life is what this talk is all about.


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Whether alcohol, drugs, smoking, prescription drugs, eating disorders or any other type of dependency or irrational impulse this plan and series allows the serious individual a life free from the often revolving door of despair. NuWants addiction coaching is not therapy. NuWants coach’s are experts at the process of changing behaviors, changing bad habits, and is more valuable than giving instructions. NuWants addictions coaching is not a 12 step plan, although the 12 steps may be talked about. You will not be told what to do. After many years of working with dependencies I have realized that what is not required is another parent, sibling, friend, or co-worker telling you what you should be doing. Instead NuWants coaching helps student/client’s explore and come up with the best choices for them based on where they are and their vision for a successful future.

NuWants, has since 1987 had excellent results with our coaching; 7 out of 10 have succeeded. “NuWants” Addictions/Dependency coaching is a multi factional process to ending the condition of dependency whether chemically induced or other. Student's/Client's can achieve remarkable progress toward their desired future.

Spiritual/Metaphysical Coaching

  • Empower

You can be liberate yourself; here's  workshop's that begin your journey.

You can be your expression of success in the work and life.

Enjoy a practical yet spiritual approach to making following your heart a positive way of living while making a living.

An important statement of our “human condition” is that each one of us creates expertise in some parts of our existence; but no one can be an expert in all facets of their lives. What should I do, how should I live, who should I become, will I be accepted and okay this way? Many of us ask such questions and do so constantly. We often don’t see our potential to succeed, that we can be anything we choose to be. Life offers infinite numbers of things one can do and be we often become confused with the abundance. Trying to find answers to our lives becomes the greatest confusion. An elephant in the room stampedes through the house while trying to please and protect the rider.

One of the most important parts of the human condition is that we all have expertise in some way or another. Finding such aspects of ourselves is not that easy as the elephant between our ears finds it easier to engage most of our thoughts in needless worry and fear. Happiness can elude those who won’t drive the elephant; it requires changing oneself rather than changing the world; it’s the pursuing of one’s goals while fitting in accepting ourselves first and others second.

The ancient Chinese symbol of the Yin and the Yang represents the value of our eternal struggle through thought. By drawing on the wisdom in each of us, the ancient and the new; by understanding Eastern and the Western, we can choose a direction in our life that will lead us to happiness, and satisfaction and a sense of meaning in life. Eastern and Western approaches to life are said to be opposed. The Eastern stresses acceptance and collectivism, the West encourages striving and individualism. Both perspectives are valuable. Our greatest alley and problem at the same time to doing this can be the elephant we have in our living room. Driving the elephant we can draw on wisdom that is balanced between ancient and new, Eastern and Western, even liberal and conservative. Within the mind we can choose directions in life that lead to satisfaction, happiness, and a sense of meaning. Often the elephant in our living room still gets in the way.

 We see ourselves as one entity while we are three, a body, mind, and spirit. The mind is also divided; our conscious, sub-conscious, and spirit are all in our head. The balance between our body, mind, and spirit is important to good physical, mental, and emotional health. This balance between conscious, sub-conscious, and spirit is even more important, everything we will be in life is of the mind. As Buddha said, “our life is the creation of the mind”. It is our thinking then that always will make our life. Most the obstacles that we find in life are obstacles of our own making, when the elephant runs amuck obstacles seem everywhere.

All our answers to our life unique as it is, can be found in the way we think, they are all within our mind. For many the problem seems to be that the mind acts as a wild elephant running in all directions at the same time, often in fear. “Riding the elephant driving the elephant” is a workshop that helps to end the mental confusion allowing one to drive through life happier, more secure, and in a more prosperous manner. It’s not the guerrilla in the room that makes us nervous and brings on our worries, it’s the driver not driving the elephant that does us most of the damage in life.

“Riding the elephant, driving the elephant” is a workshop for anyone wishing to develop a better lifestyle and wellness.

Sailing your seasoned mind...

"We often look for easy solutions in the wrong places. There are no magic pills for this; there are no perfect solutions for this. There are stages of change to go through when overcoming bad habits. You will find me and NuWants with you at all stages of your change".   DocDan

The winners circle...

COACH Services for your success

You are your experience...Always

Change doesn't depend on luck or willpower; it's a process that can be successfully managed once it is understood. A NuWants plan is designed to include.




Our way of life, and the world is changing, letting go of the old endings; of the “well paying, secure” jobs seem to be the norm for today. It may seem terrifying for what the future holds for many of us. Our guarantees are being ripped apart while we cling to so many outward forms of security.

Do you trust yourself; are you willing to cross the uncharted waters of change? Does the unconventional create fear, or does it create excitement? If the truth were told would you have the requisite competence and strength to move toward what you dearly want in your life?

Do you truly feel and believe that “What a man can conceive, he can achieve,”? If so why are we all not doing so much more of what we love? Life is full of passions, one of the greatest is to achieve. We all are creative geniuses when our passions are acknowledged. It takes a leap of faith to accomplish this.

When we do what we really enjoy, when we understand and follow our hearts; when we allow our dreams to be at the core of our awareness both as spiritual and physical beings work becomes play, play becomes love, and ultimately are unified into a cohesive activity we devote ourselves to. Our authentic unique human self finds “right livelihoods” for fully developing our self actualizing personalities.

You have so much to offer when you realize your full potential. Dare to imagine having something to offer society, the business world, or industry. You can and are a leader, and are uniquely qualified for the work you can do. It's not schooling, degrees, or the right political or business connections that will make you the success you are meant to be; rather a natural, intuitional talent. This is not to suggest that education is not important but rather that the New Age Enterpriser is to be something “NEW” to the world evolving today.

There are hundreds of thousands of people who have overcome the road blocks they present to themselves, both internal and external, who are successful and in love with both their personal and professional lives. You can find the work you do just as fun as the play you do each day. The task is easier than most of us imagine. The rewards are worth more than money can provide. It is YOUR choice, YOUR life, and YOUR future. Learn by choosing to invest in a workshop developed for your future success.


“Life…what a rush”. It’s your personal experience. No matter what you do, someone is not going to like it. Question is: ARE YOU PLEASED WITH IT? ARE YOU PLEASED WITH YOURSELF? ARE YOU BEING THE BEST YOU CAN BE? We each are an individual idea of freedom; “Be free to be you”; this talk can help liberate you; after all,


Lifestyle/Wellness Coaching

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