Doc, Just wanted to say Thank you, thank you, thank you…Since my working with you I have found a wonderful person I thought was lost years ago. You taught me so much, you always say we taught each other…I’m not sure what I taught you, I do do know how much I have grown since we first started our journey together. All I can say is thank you, thank you, thank you.


We all develop a unique, often troubled way of perceiving situations in life. This way of thinking often rests on the traumatic situations we experience. I would be a prime example of someone who was severely depressed and knew something was wrong with the way that I thought of myself and went through years of therapy with psychiatrists to find a way out of how I perceived myself . But I never found a way out of the maelstrom of troubled thoughts, and primarily because my way of thinking about life and myself was the only way I knew how to think. I did not know any other options, or, in fact, that there were other options. Psychiatrists are quite skilled at helping you to understand how you came to be troubled and offer you the option of exploring all of your past experiences, inch by painful inch, but their crucial omission is presenting another way to think about yourself and how you fit into any particular situation. Dr. Dan is a unique practitioner. He allows you to voice your experience and discuss what has happened to you to bring you to the brink, but he does not allow you to use your troubled life experiences to define who you are. You are offered the opportunity to re-create yourself. You are not ripped from your past because it is an important part of who you are, but the past is no longer your prison. You have to be willing to envision change and start practicing a different way of perceiving the situations that you are experiencing and a different way of perceiving yourself. This is the key to re-creating or re-defining yourself and what experiences you have in life. Thank you Dr. Dan. A grateful heart. Keep the faith, one and all. 


Hey Dr. Dan

I originally went to Dr. Dan for help; looking to heal. But my experience as his student proved to be so much more. I have become increasingly aware of my world, of who I am and who I want to be, and of how to heal myself. I have grown and transformed and healed in more ways than I imagined possible. And I am so inspired to continue this journey . . . and to pass it on.

Thanks, Dr. Dan!


   Loving Thoughts for You

Thanks Doc and NuWants

Thanks for the use of the art set. Our deal was to show you the finished product. Since I couldn’t come up with a suitable horse to use–I decided to use my own imagination. It was painful (Ha Ha). With this and patience and your way of allowing me to grow–who knows what I’ll be one day. Do know I am dreaming again, and happy with me and who I am becoming. It’s exciting, what I am dreaming up now, nightmares have become a thing of the past. Thanks for helping me find myself. So anyway, here’s a picture for you to do with as you please, it is from my NEW dream and lifestyle. You have been an inspiration for me in so many good ways. Thank you for all you and NuWants has done.



Thanks Doc…


Dan knows your obstacles before you tell him. He has either been there, or helped someone who has. And I  am personally finding that once you learn to heal for real, (one part of you), you can heal all things, with some patience & time. (You can help others heal.) Anyway, Dan has to be able to see through these things otherwise he couldn’t be our guide to a way around them to the other side. You don’t have to fear telling him what’s going on. When you go to see him you want to be going there to tell him the truth about what you are going through. He is going to guide you through telling yourself the truth about what you are going through so you don’t keep…as I heard someone say recently…”circling like a buzzard around the same old shit-just a different pile.” Kinda crude…but I could relate. You’ll do the work, you’ll heal yourself…he will just help you remove the crappy clogged up filter that you’ve kept for so long & you will see more clearly what is holding you down. It’s really not so scary at all. Dr. Dan knows his stuff: sometimes I didn’t like the reflection in the mirror he held up to me and would feel that fear & desire to retreat away, alone again. But then he’d convince me that what I saw wasn’t so bad after all & I’d relax into it again & heal a little more. Be careful, it’s an amazing feeling and once you start the process you might never want to go back! I hope you know that feeling someday soon.

Love You”