NuWants  coaching services;  creating positive growth for you.

NuWants is a spiritually based eclectic community of holistic natural “Lifestyle/Wellness” coaching services that encourage positive change in one’s personal life experience.  Our philosophy of awareness of the

Appreciable results. (Coaching for success.)
Developing strategic pathways and setting milestones.
Are motivated to create a better life.
Create and execute breakthrough ideas.
Achieve what they want more of in life and at work.

Hello, I'm Dan; I'll be your coach. I'll be coaching for success; your success. That's my goal, so look at our coaching services; I'm here to assist.

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Our Mission for you

                                                                                                          independent interdependent world, Dan, as your " Coach” assists in harmonizing body, mind, and spirit; allowing the “True You” to grow while encouraging a sustainable life, world and environment. Celebrating life through enlightenment and love, NuWants goal is to draw on the universe and world’s abundance while establishing “Lifestyle/Wellness” that supports prosperity, peace, and freedom; to be you.


Maintaining the most positive, and healthy values, and attitudes in both our personal and professional lives is of the highest priority. At NuWants the goal is to make available and maintain the best that you can be for your best “Lifestyle/Wellness”. NuWants Lifestyle/Wellness can be your coaching service.

The NuWants method to your best “Lifestyle/Wellness” is based on holistic, natural philosophies and principles. We offer a practical holistic approach that helps you to be the best you can be as you find and enjoy the “True You”.

Nuwants helps men and women, young and old in their pursuit of being present. NuWants goal is to assist and teach those wanting to live and work in n prosperous atmosphere of peace, beauty, joy, and love. My goal is your best happiness in life. NuWants vision is a circle of circles in which aspiring souls will live and work together independently yet inter-dependently.

 NuWants students/client’s are coached in the direction of:

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